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Why Factoring is Necessary

"A sale is not a sale until you collect the money"

Are you a part -time banker for your customers?
Take a look at your accounts receivable aging
schedule and count the number of accounts
over 30 days.Congratulations, you are extending
credit to those customers.You are not getting
paid for delivering your end of the deal
in a timely manner and as a result
you are providing the use of your
money to your customer for free.

Not exactly the business you thought
you were getting into, is it?
Ask yourself this question:
If those customers of yours went
to a bank, borrowed the same amount of time,
would they expect to pay a substantial
amount of interest for the privilege?
Of course they would!

And consider this: Not only are
you receiving no interest on that money,
but most importantly,you are also losing the
use of that money while you
are waiting for your customer to pay you.
What is the cost of not having this
money available? In essence, your customers
are asking you to finance their business by
extending terms and allowing them
to pay in 30 days (and usually longer, right?).
But what is it costing you in "missed opportunities"
when your money is tied up in
your accounts receivable?

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Sell Accounts Receivable Information

Sell accounts receivable to fund working capital

When exploring alternative sources of working capital, it is appropriate to examine the assets that can be used to generate funds. The two largest asset groups of most companies are their accounts receivable and their property, plant, and equipment. The conversion of property, plant, and equipment to working capital can be accomplished in several ways, including refinancing at lower interest rates, negotiating a sale-leaseback, or sell accounts receivables borrowing against the collateral of those facilities.

Sell accounts receivable versus borrowing

There are two ways to gain immediate cash from sell accounts receivable: borrowing against the collateral of the receivables or selling the receivables themselves. While both options provide immediate cash, the sale of accounts receivable has several advantages over borrowing.

A company borrowing against accounts receivable remains at risk for collection delays. A compny that decides to sell accounts receivable may, depending on the terms of the sale, transfer a substantial portion of that risk to the purchaser.
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Factoring, how to sell accounts receivable

The sale of accounts receivable at a discount--also known as factoring--once was confined principally to the textile industry. It has since become an established practice in the retailing and transportation industries, among others.

Sell accounts receivable in the healthcare industry is still in the early stages of development. One recent survey indicated that approximately 5 percent of the hospitals surveyed engaged in selling their receivables, but that over 10 percent of the hospitals surveyed were planning to start selling  their accounts receivables.